April 29, 2018

Ask the Artists: Brand Voice

Last week we talked about how to arrive at the right brand voice for your creative business. Hopefully those tips helped you think more deliberately about how you want to sound and what you want to say. Of course, examples can make these concepts more concrete, so I asked a handful of local art brands to share three words they would use to describe themselves, and here's what I got. Feel free to post your's below, and I'll add you to the list.

ArtProfiler – Entertaining, Provocative & Informative

Austin School of Mosaic Art – Fun, Welcoming & Creative

Chaos Woods – Adventurous, Playful & (a little) Ornery

Crafting Exposure – Passionate, Informative & Encouraging

Crescent City Couture – Fun, Functional & Offbeat

Debbie Carroll – Colorful, Happy and Inviting

Fabulous Paws – Colorful, Ambitious & Witty 

LadyAlchemy13 – Creative, Passionate & Dark

Lawrence Jolly – Spiritual, Whimsical & Relatable

Marilyn Rea Nasky – Spacious, Relaxing & Vibrant

Shannon Fannin – Familiar, Vivid & Movement 

Stephanie Estrin – Fun, Spontaneous & Mysterious

The 3 Painted Moons – Personal, Honest & Mysterious 

Whitney Christmas – Intuitive, Eclectic & Emotional  

Now having seen a wide range of examples, how would you describe your brand?