About Annie

My name is Annie. I've been a Photographer and Art Lover all of my life, raised taking pictures, working on craft projects and enjoying art in many forms. I have a very active Right brain, and yet I'm also quite analytical and hyper-organized, i.e. Left brained. It's a constant balancing act, but as I've come to realize, it's also a blessing.

​Originally, I believed that Arts & Crafts would always be merely a creative outlet for me, and I pursued Marketing as a formal career path. I studied Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Analytics and Consumer Behavior Research to best serve my future clients. I loved the idea of finding out what people needed, why a particular brand met that need and how to communicate this to the ideal audience. I've had the honor of working for several agencies in the Austin area as well as Facebook. In each of these roles, I gained invaluable experience helping businesses of all types and sizes, but something was missing...

The Left side of my brain was satisfied with my chosen career, but my Right brain felt under appreciated. Where was the Art and Creativity that energized me? A few years back, I decided to start Annie's Artist Lookbook, a blog that would feature weekly profiles of local artists (now up to 150+), and this gave me an excuse to spend time focusing on an area I love. Slowly but surely, as my involvement in the Austin Art community grew, I started to see new ways I could apply my skills to better serve the creative individuals around me: Photography, Writing, Research, Communication, Networking, but why should this be just something I do in my free time?

Photography + Art + Marketing = My Dream

​While not as simple as it sounds, I decided to craft my own role that allowed me to use all of my skills and passions. After lots of research, brainstorming and conversations with some of my favorite people here in Austin, Artists, I came up with the idea of Crafting Exposure: a business built on Photography services for Artists with Marketing Consulting to help share what makes them unique. I am now thrilled to offer customized support to creative people looking to make their artistic and handmade business a success. If this sounds like you, let's connect.

My Credentials:
  • Masters in Advertising from the University of Texas
  • 2 1/2 Years Supporting Small to Medium Business at Facebook
  • 2 Years Managing Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses
  • 3+ Years Managing & Marketing Annie's Artist Lookbook
  • Photography Training from ACC & Dougherty Arts Center
  • Experience Shooting a Wide Range of Photography (Portfolio)