August 6, 2018

Artist Statements: The What, How & Why

I talk a lot about the importance of photography for artists because I believe very strongly in the power of great visuals to SHOW your talent. With that said, there are going to be times when you need to TELL people more about yourself as an artist, and the most common format is an Artist Statement. Can you describe your art and your style in a quick couple of paragraphs? Whether you're applying to a gallery or an art fair, you'll likely need this kind of writeup handy to help the judging parties get to know your How, What and Why. Let's review what makes for a strong Artist Statement as well as some tips to make your writeup memorable.

July 20, 2018

Time to Apply: Cherrywood Art Fair

The most wonderful time of year will be here before we know it. That's the handmade holiday shopping season in case you were wondering. Chula League's Cherrywood Art Fair has become a classically Austin event that happens the second weekend of December. If you offer giftable fine art and handmade items, this show would be a great opportunity to get in front of lots of buyers. Plus, there's music, food, family entertainment and more. The Artist Application is now live, and ready to hear from you. Below I've outlined more details about what to expect. Good luck!

July 13, 2018

Time to Apply: Blue Genie Art Bazaar

The holiday season is one of the best times sales opportunities for artists and handmade business owners. If you have work that is easily giftable, consider Blue Genie Art Bazaar. This event is unique in that it's open for a full month and showcases a wide range of talent. Artists aren't on site the whole time which allows them to keep making items. The application went live in May, but there is still plenty of time to submit. Just be sure you get everything in by August 10th. Here are some key considerations.

July 6, 2018

Time to Apply: East Austin Studio Tour

East Austin Studio Tour is one of our city's most unique art events organized by Big Medium, and the application period for 2018 opens July 10th. If you have a studio space within the East boundary or you have a place you can show your work, this is a great event to connect with art collectors. What do you need to know about applying? Here's a run down from a long time attendee with insights into application guidelines as well. Good luck!

June 29, 2018

Instagram Inspiration: Getting in the Mindset

Hopefully by now you see the value of Instagram for your art business. Share your work. Find inspiration. Invite more people into your process. Communicate your uniqueness. Get discovered. Even drive sales. Sounds pretty great, right? So if you're ready to get started or eager get more active with your posting, but not sure what to actually post, this reference is for you. To help your brainstorming and get you into the Instagram mindset, I've outlined different categories of posts and ideas within them for you to photograph and share. Remember to include a caption for content and hashtags to extend your reach. With this recipe, you're ready for discovery!

June 25, 2018

Hashtag Happy

Are you getting tired of talking about Instagram? I hope not, because there is so much opportunity on this channel, and I want to help you take advantage of it in support of your art business. This week we're digging into one of the best features for discovery (and being discovered) – Hashtags. While several social platforms use hashtags, I would argue that they are the most functional and beneficial on Instagram. The trick is how you use them and which ones you use. You could turn anything into a hashtag, but I want to help you categorize these "keywords" and pick the best for your content. You need to balance relevance and popularity so people will see your posts when they search or follow that hashtag. Below I've outlined the different types of hashtags you might use so you can better brainstorm with each post what to include to increase your exposure on Instagram. #LetsDoIt

June 17, 2018

Getting Featured on Instagram

Instagram is a wonderful tool for discovery and exposure. In fact, I've found time and time again Instagram is one of the best channels for widening your audience beyond local. When you post great content and use appropriate hashtags, you make it easier for new people to find you, but more on hashtags later. This week I'd like to talk about a third way to grow your account - Getting Featured. There are a number of Instagram accounts built on sharing other people's content. The best of these accounts are focused on particular themes, and they curate what they share based on relevance and quality. These featured posts can open you up to a whole new audience yet to see your work. Plus, by having a third party highlight your work, there is added credibility. Think of these accounts as Instagram influencers. So how to do you find the best accounts for featuring and get their attention?