September 10, 2018

10 Reasons to Join Me at CMBXP

I think we all can agree in the importance of treating your creative endeavors like a business, especially if you want to make a living off these skills. While that doesn’t mean you need an MBA, it does require learning about business best practices. Accounting, Marketing, Legal; You wear all of these hats in your business on top of being the artistic powerhouse you are. And if you’re like most of the artists I work with, you'd rather concentrate your time in the studio, so the more efficient you can be in these other areas, the less of your creating time they’ll take up. There are tons of options out there for professional development - Books, Classes, Workshops, Facebook Groups, Blogs, Coaches - so how do you narrow down and make the best use of your time? Oh and did I forget to mention Networking? It’s exhausting to think about all of these outlets, even more so if you’re an introvert and right brain dominant. Well guess what? I have an awesome solution that will serve you no matter where you are in your business: CMBXP, a networking and professional development experience specially designed for creatives!

I attended the first CMBXP last year, and I couldn’t get enough of the enriching atmosphere. Everyone was there to learn, and I left with some great connections. So why should you join me?

1. FORMAT: This unique conference gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the business side of being a creative for a few days so you can really focus and absorb.

2. RELEVANCE: All of the topics are tailored to what a creative business might need to know so you can rest assured that they’ll be applicable and interesting.

3. OPTIONS: There are four tracks so you have the flexibility to choose which sessions are most beneficial to you from a wide range of workshops, 50+ I believe.

4. BREADTH & DEPTH: If you don’t even know what you don’t know, this is a great introduction to the different business skills you can further develop afterwards.

5. PRICE: At just $179 per badge, you get access to tons of information, experts, networking and more, while most similar conferences will run $300-$400 plus travel.

6. ATMOSPHERE: You’ll be surrounded by like-minded creatives who are also looking to improve their entrepreneurial games. Talk about good company!

7. WORK & PLAY: There’s a mix of hands-on, creative options if you need a right brain break after learning about all of the important, left brain business skills.

8. INTIMATE: All of the sessions are small so you’ll have the chance to talk to your neighbors as well as the presenters and learn from each other’s experiences and expertise.

9. NETWORKING: The end of each day wraps up with a creative happy hour where you can really unwind with fun activities and meet more of the greats in your industry.

10. ASHLAND: The founder and organizer of this experience is an awesome human being and totally approachable if you have questions, ideas, feedback. She works hard throughout the year to ensure each CMBXP is beneficial to all attendees.

This is the second annual event, and I can already see the additions she's made to grow this experience and make it a must-attend for creative professionals in Texas. It's not easy to dedicate yourself full time to your passion and make money. You need a lot of skills, and Ashland is striving to connect the creative and business world to make everyone's lives better. So who's joining me?