February 11, 2018

Benefits of Doing What You Love

"Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life."

As entrepreneurs we tend to surround ourselves with sentiments like this, and as creatives, we're uniquely more likely to get to do wonderfully fun things that are easy to love. We're doing out best to follow our dreams, make the world a better place and focus on what we feel we can best contribute. While it takes a lot more than this to be successful, the "Do what you love" mindset is a wonderful motivator. Passion gives us drive and helps us get up each day to spend time on what makes us happy. But why does this happiness matter? Aren't jobs a means to an end? Work should first and foremost put food on the table and pays bills. Then what you have leftover you can spend on fun, right? For those of us lucky enough to find, or make, jobs that marry what we love and what will make a living, we don't have to settle. In fact, we get to reap far more signifiant rewards!

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Loving What You Do...
  • ... is a great source of motivation. You actually want to work.
  • ... makes it easier to reach a productive flow. You'll have the right mindset.
  • ... allows you to produce your best work. You'll settle for nothing less.
  • ... gives you a sense of purpose because job fulfillment is important.
  • ... makes you more likely to be proactive vs. reactive.
  • ... helps you stretch and develop your creativity. You'll push yourself more.
  • ... gives you the right outlook for growth. Learning, practicing & improving.
  • ... opens you up to new opportunities you might not have found otherwise.
  • ... helps inspire others around you to find & love what they do.
  • ... leads to greater happiness, health & energy for your best life.

Sounds amazing right? But not everyone finds a way to do what they love for a living. The next best thing, and a perfectly wonderful option, is to love what you do. What's the difference? For some of us, these two are one and the same. However, as we talked about last week, you may have a side hustle that lets you do what you love and a full time gig where you grow to love what you do because the skills and responsibilities are a good fit. It's ok to do one by day and the other by night. Of course, when you can turn your passion into a career, that's amazing as well (we'll talk more about how to next week). Either way, what matters is figuring out how to land a job that allows you to reap the rewards of focusing your energy on activities that give you joy. It will shine through in your work, your outlook and your success!