July 20, 2017

Art Event Applications in the Digital Age

Some of you may remember the good old days of filling out and mailing paper applications for art shows. When you hear jury photos, you probably think of slides since that was the format of choice. Thankfully, as we've made our way into the digital era, you can now apply online and with digital images. Not only does this save you the postage, but it also makes the process easier and more efficient so you can submit to a wider range of shows. Truth be told, online platforms like Zapp have streamlined applications for the artists and the organizers as well. If you aren't registered on any of these sites, I highly recommend taking a look at their events to see how they might boost your exposure. I've compiled a list to help you get started exploring these opportunities. If you know of any others that you'd recommend, I'd love to hear about it. Happy Applying!

ZAPP www.zapplication.org
  • One of the more prominent platforms in the art show application space.
  • Set up for event organizers to list their call for entry and accept applications.
  • Houses all of the information artists need to know about these events
  • Allows artists to create a profile and portfolio for streamlined submission.
  • Offers cloud storage for quality jury photos for easy sending and viewing.
  • Free to use; only costs are application fees for chosen events.
  • Used by local events such as Blue Genie Art Bazaar & Art @ the Domain.

Call for Entrywww.callforentry.org
  • Sister site to ZAPP, also brought to you by Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF).
  • More focused on Calls for Entry and Public Art Opportunities than festivals.
  • Easy to search database of listings from art galleries and other event organizers.
  • Full details on the requirements for each application and platform for submitting.
  • Artists create a profile and upload a portfolio to be ready for any opportunity.

Juried Art Services www.juriedartservices.com
  • First digital jury system developed for applying to large arts & crafts trade shows.
  • Allows for online jurying of applicants at the judges' convenience.
  • Free to join, but does include processing costs and application fees.
  • Create a portfolio and make edits over time as your body of work changes.
  • Customize how jurors will see your submissions for greater flexibility.
  • Example shows listed here include the Smithsonian Craft Show & American Craft


Did I miss your go-to platform or site? Send me a note.