June 29, 2018

Instagram Inspiration: Getting in the Mindset

Hopefully by now you see the value of Instagram for your art business. Share your work. Find inspiration. Invite more people into your process. Communicate your uniqueness. Get discovered. Even drive sales. Sounds pretty great, right? So if you're ready to get started or eager get more active with your posting, but not sure what to actually post, this reference is for you. To help your brainstorming and get you into the Instagram mindset, I've outlined different categories of posts and ideas within them for you to photograph and share. Remember to include a caption for content and hashtags to extend your reach. With this recipe, you're ready for discovery!


  • Event Graphic or Poster
  • Getting Ready / Setting Up
  • Signage at the Event
  • Your Booth or Display
  • Close ups on Display
  • Portrait with your Work
  • Shoppers with your Work
  • Buyers Holding Purchase

In the Studio:

  • Your Workspace
  • Tools & Media
  • Your Inspiration (by itself or with pieces in progress)
  • Portrait in Studio
  • Studio Helpers (pets or kids)

Works in Progress:

  • Working on Piece
  • Various Stages of Work
  • Sketches Planning Pieces
  • Packaging Finished Work

Finished Works:

  • Finished Pieces
  • Complete Series
  • Flay Lay with Props
  • Detail Shots
  • Portrait with Pieces
  • Piece on Location

Online Selling:

  • New Products Added
  • Sales & Promotions
  • Packaging & Shipping 
  • Positive Reviews
  • Hitting Goals


  • Relevant Life Updates
  • Art Community Involvement
  • Art Exhibits you Visit
  • Shoutouts for Artist Peers
  • Features of Admired Artists
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Holiday Mentions
  • News or Current Events

Are you inspired? Time to start seeing Instagram opportunities everywhere! If you need help brainstorming specific posts for your art business or you'd like to schedule a social photoshoot, let's talk. #IHeartInstagram