October 1, 2017

Austin Art Business Summit

I'd like to take a quick break from talking about art events and best practices because it's important to take advantage of professional development opportunities that come up, especially when they are specifically designed for the art community! If you follow Crafting Exposure on Social Media, you've probably heard about the Creatives Meet Business Experience, CraftHER Market and a few other educational events that I think we artists can benefit from. Well, I have another I'm really excited to highlight: the Austin Art Business Summit, organized by the Arts Business Institute and the Creative Arts Society! I'll be there, and I highly recommend signing up too!

The Art Business Institute is a nonprofit founded to provide artists with professional development. The tech industry gets to have conferences all of the time; why shouldn't we artists? ABI hosts online courses, workshops across the country and more! Lucky for us Austinites, they chose our great city for one of their fall events in recognition of the vibrant arts culture we have. Mark your calendar for the weekend of October 21st & 22nd! There are still spots left if you'd like to register! Use the promotional code THRIVING for a special discount.

So what can you expect from the Austin Art Business Summit? The answers easy - Two days full of business advice and enrichment with the unique needs of artists in mind and the chance to further connect with our art community. ABI has put together talks and panels about pricing, licensing, wholesale, and many other topics that support making a living off your talents. See the full list of topics below. Crafting Exposure will be there absorbing insights from all of the seminars to better serve you, but more importantly, I'll also be sitting on the panel for Sunday's lunch Q&A. Along with other art business experts, I will be there to speak to anything photography related: What types of images you need? How to ensure your photos are quality? When it's best to hire a professional? And more! I hope you'll join us!
  • Creative Marketing for Artists
  • Pricing for Profit
  • Wholesale 101
  • The Corporate Art Market
  • Making Work That Sells
  • Introduction to Art Licensing
  • Sales Strategies for Artists
  • How to Sell Your Art Online

This great event will take place at place at Soma Vida on East Cesar Chavez, which is a nice, intimate setting, allowing for lots of questions, networking and hands on learning. There are lots of reasons to join us at the fabulous educational event. Registration is still open if you'd like to get in the list and gain access to all of these insightful talks. As I mentioned above, for a special discount, use the code THRIVING at checkout.