April 2, 2017

The Art of Getting Started with Facebook

Social Media has played a crucial role in my budding success as an Art Writer & Photographer, helping me discover and communicate with new artists while also connecting my presence online and off in my local art community. Without outlets like Facebook, I doubt that I would have been able to reach so many fellow art lovers. I have found an audience, a source of inspiration and wonderful encouragement in the online space. I would love nothing more than for you to have this same experience, so I'm here now to share with you some tips to help master the "Art of Getting Started on Facebook." If you already have a presence, I recommend reviewing this list to see what improvements you can make to grow your exposure and connect with more buyers!

1. Set up a Page for Yourself or your Business
  • Better not to rely on your personal Profile for a professional presence.
  • Allow people to "Like" you for updates instead of connecting as Friends.
  • Make sure the name you choose is consistent & representative.

2. Choose the Most Fitting Category
  • Help people find you & easily identify what you do as a Local Business.
  • Based on your category, you can get access to features. Learn more.

3. Use Representative & Engaging Imagery
  • Always have both a Page Profile Photo & Cover Photo for a complete page.
  • People look before they read, so show them who you are & what you make.
  • Include your Logo or another identifiable image if you have one.
  • Update your images regularly for events or special news.

4. Thoroughly Complete your About Section
  • Include a description, contact information, links to your website, etc.
  • Don't make people dig through Posts to find out about you.
  • Tell your story so people can get to know what's special about you.

5. Choose a Custom URL / Username
  • Make yourself quick to find when people search on & off Facebook.
  • Having a username gives you a URL that's easy to share. Learn more.

6. Create Photo Albums
  • Show off your excellent work in an organized, visual fashion.
  • Create albums for different subject matter, techniques or events.
  • Plan to add over time, new images in old albums & new albums.

7. Start Posting Relevant Content
  • Have a content rich Page that shows your work & what inspires you.
  • Backdate a few posts to show previous activity if you just launched.
  • People are more likely to "Like" active Pages with reasons to engage.
  • Create milestones to mark important dates for your artist career.

8. Plan a Posting Strategy
  • Your Facebook Page should not be a static presence.
  • A Page is a chance to inform, intrigue, entice & engage.
  • Informal planning is fine, just keep these points in mind:
    • Post on a regular basis, at least one update every few days.
    • Try to use a variety of Post types - Photos, links, news, questions etc.
    • Give your Fans a reason to interact with you or give input.
    • Update Fans about upcoming events a couple times before.
    • Share photos, recaps & thanks for event visitors.
    • Try giveaways or exclusive discounts like Offers to reward loyalty.
    • Watch Page Insights to know what's working for your Fans.
    • Promote Posts for extra exposure across Fans & non-Fans.
    • Schedule Posts one per week or month to save time.
    • Learn more about Posting Best Practices.

9. Try Advertising to Reach a Larger Audience
  • Start with your goals in mind to determine the best type of Ad.
    • Build Awareness for your Brand & Events
    • Drive Traffic to Your Website or Online Store
    • Promote Sales of your Art & Handmade Goods
  • Outline your ideal audience based on demographics & interests.
  • Be mindful of Facebook's advertising policies & community guidelines.
  • Understand which metrics matter most to gauge your success.

Happy Facebooking!