February 26, 2017

Why Do You Love Being an Artist?

What sounds like a pretty straightforward question can actually be pretty hard to answer. Most of us have many reasons why we love what we do, be it photography, ceramics or painting! Some of you may feel like there was no other good choice; your Art is a large part of who you are! Truth is, the chance to pursue your passion can be meaningful for a wealth of intangible reasons.
  • Creative challenges & victories on a daily basis.
  • Joy & fulfillment in making something yourself.
  • Connecting with people who also love what you love.
  • Freedom to set your own goals, tasks & schedule.
  • Sharing your aesthetic vision with the world.
  • Building a following of supporters & collectors.
I asked a handful of local Austin artists this very question, and here's what they had to say. Plus some of their work because I can't help, but appreciate this pool of talent!

"I enjoy the beginning to the end of my adventure with each painting. I love the reaction from people when they buy or just admire my art. Painting is like meditation to me. Selling and sharing my art is always fun, because of the interaction with art collectors and everyone that looks at my art."

Amy Davis of Monster Dance Designs
"What I love most about what I do is being master of my own schedule.  I give myself the freedom to chase wild ideas as they appear - that is essential to creativity."

Kat Allison of Elementals Austin
"One of my favorite things is when someone comes back to buy another piece because they like the one they bought before. The best is when a regular customer walks into your booth and you know that something you just made was absolutely meant for them - and when you show it to them, they agree!"

Rebecca Gordon
"I went to college to study art and art history. While in school, I didn't think much about it being either a good or bad idea to pursue a creative degree, all I knew was that I loved to make art. Now, as a professional, being an artist is challenging in so many different ways but, more importantly, it is also exciting and rewarding. I try to express those feelings in my paintings and also to evoke a sense of how much I love to paint. I feel antsy when I'm not painting; a perfect day for me is drawing, painting and creating, which is how I know that I'm pursuing my passion."

Anne Marie Beard of ANNEMARIE & AMBforMen
"A good deal of my work encompasses using upcycled textiles, and this is a great passion of mine. The reuse of textiles has been a tradition of handcraft for millenia, whether out of necessity or creativity, and I come from a long line of proficient seamstresses. When I transform a piece of unwanted clothing into a bag or a piece of jewelry, I feel connected to my ancestors, the earth and my spirit. As someone who has been given countless second chances in life, there is a deep emotional and spiritual significance involved in transforming unwanted objects into wearable art."

Do you have other reasons for loving what you do? I'd love to hear them. Feel free to send me your thoughts about your art and why you decided to pursue your passion for your chance to be featured!